Active tracing call centre

How can we reduce the economic impact of the coronavirus 100x? By turning a country-wide quarantine into a targeted, data-driven one. Using predictive testing.

In one week, we developed and launched this solution in the Czech Republic, learning from South Korea, Taiwan and others. In a week, our volunteer group Covid19cz grew to 1500 data/IT/HW enthusiasts, scientists and policy makers. At the core of the solution is an active tracing call centre.

How it works:

  • Anyone infected is interviewed by an operator to track their past contacts. The operator is using our Memory Map, which includes telco data, banking data, phone location history and other sources to help the patient remember their whereabouts and contacts. All with user’s consent and within GDPR.
  • New suspected cases are then invited by SMS to be tested.
  • We are already extending this further – more data sources, mobile apps etc.
  • The system was launched in one week including the necessary emergency legislation and the setup of the call centre.
  • It is packaged and can be rolled out to other countries.
    And that’s where we need help. Unless we share this with other countries, we will not defeat the virus. Help us roll out this solution globally.

    Overview app for tracing call center & data analyses - smart quarantine from Pavel Dolezal
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